ReadyGraph UserBase Growth Exchange Our sites and users requested it numerous times, so we are pleased to introduce the UserBase Growth Exchange. If your site participates in the Exchange, it will be cross promoted across our network. By working together, every site can enjoy organic audience growth, and more users have a chance to discover […]


How do ReadyGraph’s cross promotion services work? ReadyGraph has many different options for cross promotion of your content across our global network of subscribers. Reaching over 800,000 unique human users per month, ReadyGraph seamlessly integrates sponsored content into our email campaigns. This is good for both advertisers and end-users as the content is not intrusive […]


What is ReadyGraph: ReadyGraph is a plug-in designed to help make your site more viral. ReadyGraph uses simple logic and  powerful technology to fuel natural organic growth through your existing web traffic. Using the same technology that powers the rapid growth of social networks like Facebook or Linkedin, ReadyGraph gives publishers and site owners access […]


How to use ReadyGraph to Grow Viral Traffic to your Site ReadyGraph is a wordpress plug-in that was built for developers, by developers. After extensive research and hours spent across the blog-o-sphere, ReadyGraph co-founders realized there was a major need in the wordpress community to give publishers the tools they would need to grow their […]