Cross Promotion with ReadyGraph


How do ReadyGraph’s cross promotion services work?

ReadyGraph has many different options for cross promotion of your content across our global network of subscribers. Reaching over 800,000 unique human users per month, ReadyGraph seamlessly integrates sponsored content into our email campaigns. This is good for both advertisers and end-users as the content is not intrusive to the user experience. In fact, because ReadyGraph custom tailor’s every email it sends to our user’s preferences, we can ensure that messages stay on point and relevant to our audiences.

Cross Promoting sites through ReadyGraph works really well for premium content. What is premium content, you ask? Premium content can be anything from your latest press release about an upcoming art show, to a video you shot to highlight the natural beauty of a location. When thinking about content, we always look for things that have a high viral appeal.

What is Viral Appeal?

To determine viral appeal, you can ask the question “how shareable is this content?” or in other words, what is so compelling about what you have created that people would want to share it. Answering this question is very important in deciding what kinds of content to promote.


To download our latest rate sheet, click here. Our pricing is highly competitive and compared to other services like Taboola or OutBrain, we are extremely cost effective. To get 2,000,000 views with Taboola could easily cost you $1,000,000. To get 2,000,000 views with ReadyGraph would run you about 1/10th of that price.

Distribution Options for ReadyGraph’s Cross Promotion:

We can deliver your message in our daily email digests to a specific geographic location such as a Contintent, a Country, A State or even a city. We can also target based on user’s specific interests and their content based preferences. To learn more about ReadyGraph’s capabilities click here to download a white paper.