Frequently Asked Questions


What is ReadyGraph?
ReadyGraph is a set of tools that makes it easy for websites to grow and manage their user-base. ReadyGraph adds a set of functionality to any website that is proven to increase the rate of user growth by re-engaging past visitors while attracting new ones.

Features include:

Optimized Signup Form – We maximize signups to your email list. Timing, placement and look are customizable. Plus, users can signup in just one click!
Viral Friend Referrals – We help your visitors refer friends to signup for your site. That means a larger userbase for you.
Automated Re-engagement Email – We make sure subscribers repeatedly return to your site. Email users at the right time, including when you update your site.
How do I install ReadyGraph?
ReadyGraph is simple to install by inserting an html snippet into the header of your website.
For WordPress users, we offer several plugins through which you can activate ReadyGraph by connecting your ReadyGraph account.

Simple Subscribe
Simple Contact Form
Email Newsletter
How do I uninstall ReadyGraph?
ReadyGraph can be uninstalled by removing the source-code that was inserted in your website’s header during installation.
In WordPress, you can deactivate the ReadyGraph features by navigating to the upper-right corner of the “ReadyGraph App” page, clicking the drop-down menu with your email address, and disconnecting your ReadyGraph account.

Can I delay the sign-up pop-up?
Wordpress users can delay the pop-up for up to 20 minutes; however, the most effective delay is only a few seconds. That ensures that users are engaged before displaying the pop-up.
Those who installed ReadyGraph using the source-code do not have the ability to adjust the pop-up delay at this time, however, we plan to enable this ability soon.

How do I check my website’s stats?
You can check your stats from here.

Can I use both the pop-up and the form widget?
Yes, you can; they will not conflict with each other.
This means that you can use both the plugin widget from the WordPress Appearance menu in the admin dashboard, and the ReadyGraph popup window simultaneously. In fact, using both will maximize your signups.

How do I contact someone for support, or to suggest a feature?
You can contact us at We appreciate all feedback.

I’m having problems with the latest version of the plug-in; can I switch back to an older version?
Yes, just navigate to the “Developers” tab on the plug-in page, and select the version that works for you.


How do I change my account email address?
Contact us as

How do I turn off email notifications from ReadyGraph?
You can turn them off via the account settings page here.
Wordpress users also need to deactivate them from “Signup Popup” item under the “Grow Users” menu.


Can I customize the pop-up?
Yes, we carefully designed the form to fit your email capturing needs:

Start a mailing list and watch it grow
Customize the look and placement of the form
Choose how quickly visitors are prompted to sign up
Easily export your list of subscribers in .CSV format
You can leave the default pop-up form in place, or you can use the “Bottom Bar Layout” instead. This can be achieved here.
You may also customize the text on the pop-up window here.
In WordPress, you can customize the default pop-up form by choosing one of the color schemes that matches your site design.
Can I customize the friend-invite form?
The text on the friend-invite form is customizable.
If you are not using WordPress, use this link.
In WordPress, go to the ReadyGraph app menu item within the plugin, from the Grow Users dropdown menu, select “Signup Popup”, and click the “Invitation page” tab. Click the text box to edit.

Can I customize my emails?
Yes. For non-Wordpress users, you can customize your emails from this page.
In WordPress, select the email that you wish to customize from the “Email Users” dropdown menu. (This menu can be found on the “ReadyGraph app” page within the plugin menu on the WordPress admin dashboard.)


How do I view my subscribers?
You can view your subscribers here.
For WordPress users, go to the ReadyGraph app menu item within the plugin. From the Grow Users drop-down menu, select “User Statistics”

How do I mail my subscribers?
Go to this page and click “Send email”.
In WordPress, select the “Custom Email” from the “Email Users” dropdown menu. (This menu can be found on the “ReadyGraph app” page within the plugin menu on the WordPress admin dashboard.)

Can I import a list of existing subscribers?
This is a feature currently under development and is scheduled to be released in our next update.

Can I export a list of my subscribers?
You can export your subscribers from this page by clicking the “Export CSV” button.

If I decide to stop using ReadyGraph, do I keep my subscribers?
Yes, OF COURSE. contact us at for assistance.

Can I send automated emails/newsletters to my subscribers?
Yes, this happens automatically. There is nothing that you have to do.
Email is one of the most powerful tools for delivering growth. ReadyGraphs Automated Re-engagement Email Feature includes these campaigns:

Welcome email
New post notification
Viral invite
Weekly digest
Custom email
However if you wish to deactivate any of the automated emails, you can do so here.
Is ReadyGraph necessary in order to use this plug-in?
No, it isn’t; you can use this plug-in without ReadyGraph features enabled, but to maximize your website’s growth, you should enable ReadyGraph.

If you have questions or concerns, contact us anytime at


Why do I need a sign-up form?
Having a signup form is the best way to capture visitors’ information so you can later attract them back to your site with re-engagement emails.
ReadyGraph’s signup form is designed and tested to achieve the highest possible signup rate. By offering Facebook and Google social-login, your visitors have the ability to sign up with a few clicks. The signup form is completely customizable in terms of text, look, and placement.

Why do I want a friend invite feature?
Having a website is great, but if nobody knows about it, it may as well not even exist. ReadyGraph’s viral invite feature helps your website become discovered at a much faster rate than it would without viral features. ReadyGraph’s invite feature makes it simple for visitors to share your website with others. We include the invite interface in our signup flow so they are prompted to share your website the moment of their highest engagement. ReadyGraph imports email contacts/Facebook friends automatically, so your website can be shared with just a few clicks. This is based on a similar strategy used by Linkedin and Facebook.

Why do I want to send automated emails?
Email is a proven way to prompt past users to return to your site. In fact, email is one of the most powerful tools for delivering growth. By automating this process, ReadyGraph lets you focus on generating content.
These are some of the emails that ReadyGraph sends:

Welcome Email: Thanks users for visiting and signing up for your site.
New Post Notification: Tells users about updated content on your site.
Invite Emails: Let’s people learn about your site through others that they know.
We are adding more automated emails regularly, plus you can also send ad hoc customized emails to your users any time you like.
Why do I want analytics?
Analytics are a great way to track the growth of your website and the community of subscribers that it attracts. ReadyGraph measures not only your website’s traffic, but also signups and invites.
These insights allow you, as a site owner, to reveal what type of content results in the strongest growth and track your progress over time.