How To Use ReadyGraph


How to use ReadyGraph to Grow Viral Traffic to your Site

ReadyGraph is a wordpress plug-in that was built for developers, by developers. After extensive research and hours spent across the blog-o-sphere, ReadyGraph co-founders realized there was a major need in the wordpress community to give publishers the tools they would need to grow their site’s user base both virally and organically.

Working closely with the folks at WordPress, ReadyGraph developed a set of publisher side tools that easily plug-in to any new or existing wordpress site, to allow end users to sign up through email and invite any of their friends or contacts to join the site. The same viral tools that helped Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter grow to massive scale are now available for free, to anyone wishing to grow the viral traffic to their WordPress site.

Dan Abelon, former CEO of, and  Stanford MBA alum, said “We see ReadyGraph as a key component to address a major need of publishers across the web. Not many people have the financial resources of a venture backed start-up, and they shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of man hours developing a viral core. That’s why we invented ReadyGraph, because driving viral traffic to your website should be easy to integrate, quick, and above all, free.”

For more information or to download ReadyGraph you can visit or find it here on WordPress’s plug in directory.