Really Simple Share

This plugin shows Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google “+1”, Pinterest and other popular social share buttons above or below your posts. Easy customization of active buttons and position in the Settings menu.

In contrast to several other sharing plugin, this one aims to use only original code provided by any social network. There is no other service in the middle, you are not required to register or get a key to use it. Enjoy!

Facebook Like, Twitter and Google +1 social share buttons are loaded by default. Other buttons, including Digg, Facebook Share, Flattr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stumbleupon, Youtube, Hyves, Print, Email, RSS, Reddit, Tipy, Tumblr, Buffer, Pinzout, SpecificFeeds, ( can be added through the Settings->Really simple share menu.

Please be careful when selecting the Show buttons in these pages options : it can interact badly with other slide/fade/carousel/sidebar active plugins.


If you want to place the active buttons only in selected posts, use the [really_simple_share] shortcode.

If you want to place only one share button, add the button attribute to the shortcode, e.g.:

  • [really_simple_share button=”facebook_like”]
  • [really_simple_share button=”twitter”]
  • [really_simple_share button=”linkedin”]
  • [really_simple_share button=”pinterest”]
  • [really_simple_share button=”google1″]
  • [really_simple_share button=”digg”]
  • [really_simple_share button=”stumbleupon”]
  • [really_simple_share button=”reddit”]
  • [really_simple_share button=”flattr”]
  • [really_simple_share button=”tumblr”]
  • [really_simple_share button=”facebook_share”]
  • and so on…

Please note that in order to place single share buttons, they have to be active in the plugin settings page.

Selective disable

If you want to hide the share buttons inside selected posts, set a “really_simple_share_disable” custom field with value “yes”.

To do so e.g. on a page: open the WordPress backend, go to Pages, click on the Page title to enter the Page edit screen. Then you can add the custom field, as explained here.


New in version 3.3:

  • Initial support for Performance Mode


Previously known as “Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons”.

Really Simple Share Demo



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