Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget

This plugin displays the latest posts from a Twitter account in a sidebar widget. Easy customization of style, replies, retweets, links, dates, thumbnails and a lot more.

The plugin is based on Twitter API version 1.1. In order to use it, you have to create a personal Twitter Application on the website. Within your Application, Twitter provides two strings: the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret. You also need two other strings, the Access Token and the Access Token Secret, that you can get following this guide. Finally, enter all the Authorization string in the widget options box, along with your favorite display settings: your Twitter Widget is now ready and active!

You can use the same Authorization strings for several widgets and multiple website. Just remember to store them in a safe place!

You also need CURL and OPENSSL extensions enabled in your PHP environment (don’t worry, almost every hosting service provides that).


If you want to put your recent tweets other than in a widget, you can use the [really_simple_twitter] shortcode. The shortcode support is experimental.

At the moment at least the twitter username and the 4 authentication attributes are mandatory. The shortcode minimal configuration is (with all fields filled):

[really_simple_twitter username=”” consumer_key=”” consumer_secret=”” access_token=”” access_token_secret=””]

You can specify other optional attributes, e.g.:

  • num (number of tweets to show, e.g. num=”10″)
  • skip_retweets (if set to true, retweets are skipped, e.g. skip_retweets=”true”)

The full list of available options is available in the plugin FAQ.


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