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Simple contact form plug-in provides a simple Ajax based contact form on your wordpress website side bar. User entered details are stored into database and at the same time admin will get email notification regarding the new entry. And we have option to stop sending emails to admin. This plug-in generates images (known as “Captcha’s”) which contain security codes used for protecting a form from spam.

This plugin has integrated ReadyGraph, an optional set of features to automate the growth of your userbase. It helps you achieve the three goals of any web marketer: maximize conversion of site visitors to register for your email list, maximize viral referrals for your site, and maximize return visits to your site. To accomplish this, we have integrated a key set of growth features with this plugin: – Intelligent signup popup with email or one-click Facebook login – Full viral referral flow – Automated end user re-engagement emails including welcome emails, weekly digest, friend joined alert and more (all email campaigns are optional and configurable) – Enhanced email deliverabilty – Cloud-based analytics and data storage – Settings that allow you to turn on and off all ReadyGraph features.

Now this plugin has been integrated with Email Newsletter plugin, It means admin can send the Mails/Newsletters to those entered emails via my another wp plugin(Email Newsletter plugin

  1. Simple.
  2. Admin can choose which page(Front end post, pages, home, search) this plugin should display.
  3. Easy style-override.
  4. Widget, so you can add pretty much anything.
  5. Easy installation.
  6. Ajax, so no page refresh.
  7. Captcha to avoid spam.
  8. Send email to admin option available (This is optional, admin can set on/off for email).
  9. Now this plugin has been integrated with Email Newsletter plugin, It means admin can send the Mails/Newsletters to those entered emails via my another wp plugin(Email Newsletter plugin

ReadyGraph App

ReadyGraph is a system that automates the growth of your site’s userbase. It is optimized to deliver audience growth and motivate users to consistently revisit your site.

Optimized Signup Form

ReadyGraph’s signup form with intelligent pop-up functionality and one-click login is designed to maximize signups to your email list. You can configure when the popup appears so as to maximize the likelihood that the user is engaged enough to register for your list.

Viral Friend Invites

ReadyGraph adds a friend invite process to your site’s signup flow. We then power the entire viral loop by sending email and Facebook invitations that encourage your visitors’ friends to signup for your site.

Automated Re-engagement Emails

ReadyGraph’s automated email system encourages visitors to return to your site. Users receive optimized emails such as a welcome email, re-engagement email, regular digest with new content from your blog, and social emails. All emails are configurable including the ability to turn on and off individual campaigns. We handle all sending to maximize deliverability.


Track daily-new subscribers, daily invites, total traffic, and other key metrics that quantify growth and user engagement. ReadyGraph safely stores user data in the cloud so you can access data from anywhere.


ReadyGraph’s newsfeed is an optional overlay on your site where your users can engage with others in your community and recommend your content or products to each other. It is like having a social network that engages users embedded on your site. Users can leave comments, ‘like’ comments left by other subscribers and ‘follow’ other subscribers. Subscribers will receive automated email updates based on these actions.

Content Voting and Ranking

ReadyGraph allows your subscribers to vote on your latest content. The top content from our network of sites is then ranked on by the number of votes that it has received in the past 7 days.

Monetization Through Sponsored Units

Due to popular demand, we are excited to announce that we have now added a new layer onto the ReadyGraph product: monetization. For quality sites with enough users and traffic to qualify, we will enable you to earn revenue through a set of elegant, unobtrusive sponsorship units.The ad units will be shown occasionally (much of the time they won’t be noticeable) and are highly targeted based on user interests. Most importantly, they can be turned off or on at any time. In addition to helping qualifying sites support themselves, this initiative will allow us to continue to put resources towards enhancing the free features we offer each and every site owner.  Sites qualify on the basis of quality and a minimum traffic threshold.  You can view, adjust, or opt out through your site monetization settings page.

Want To Grow Even Faster?

Try ReadyGraph premium for free to get these advanced features:

  1. Monthly Promotion to 10,000 New Users
  2. Unlimited New Blog Post Emails
  3. Unlimited Viral Email Invites
  4. Unlimited Facebook Invites
  5. Many more premium features added all the time

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If you have questions or concerns contact us anytime at

version 14.8

  • Synch your subscribers with readygraph if you are connected

version 14.6

  • ReadyGraph Premium Features
  • UI Tweaks

version 14.4

  • GUI change
  • Tutorial
  • FAQ included

version 14.1

  • 2-way synchronization with readygraph popup
  • Performance update for faster javascript load.
  • contact information for readygraph

version 14.0

Now this plugin is integrated with Readygraph Growth Engine. It means all the features atReadyGraph can be accessed from wordpress plugin, more customization options are on its way..

version 7.0
Now this plugin has been integrated with Email Newsletter plugin, It means admin can send the Mails/Newsletters to those entered emails via my another wp plugin(Email Newsletter plugin Tested upto 3.2.1

version 6.0
Email option available(This is optional, admin can set on/off for email).

version 3.0
Captcha/Security code.
To change the Captcha color scheme. 1. Take captcha.php file.
2. Go to line 26,27,28 to change the Captcha color scheme.

Now 2 way to use.
1. Drag and drop the widget to your sidebar.
2. Copy and paste the given code to the desired location.

<?php if (function_exists (gCF)) gCF(); ?>

Live demo
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