What Is ReadyGraph?


What is ReadyGraph:

ReadyGraph is a plug-in designed to help make your site more viral. ReadyGraph uses simple logic and  powerful technology to fuel natural organic growth through your existing web traffic. Using the same technology that powers the rapid growth of social networks like Facebook or Linkedin, ReadyGraph gives publishers and site owners access to the same tools to power viral growth.

How to Install ReadyGraph:

In as little as 3 clicks, ReadyGraph can be installed on your WordPress site. Or, if you have built your site with another platform, ReadyGraph easily integrates in only a few lines of code. All you have to do is copy and paste the cody into the header or footer  file of your site, or put it in the same place you would put your Google Analytics code.  To download the ReadyGraph Plug-in visit www.ReadyGraph.com or download it here in the WordPress Plug-in Directory.

How Does ReadyGraph Work:

ReadyGraph works on multiple levels to drive engagement and keep your users coming back to your site. ReadyGraph offers free automated Email marketing that other companies actually charge money for. With ReadyGraph, site owners can set up things like welcome emails for newly registered users, or follow up emails for people who have been members of your site for a certain amount of time. You can send as few or as many emails as you’d like with ReadyGraph. Although we highly recommend you respect your users’ time and inbox.

What Does ReadyGraph Do?

When a new user signs up for your site through their email, ReadyGraph allows them to sync their inbox and invite their friends to your site, just like Facebook or LinkedIn.  Another robust feature of ReadyGraph is email automation. People who install ReadyGraph on their website(s) can easily customize automated email messages to send out to users based on a wide array of actions or times.

What else should I know?

ReadyGraph works on all websites, although if you ever encounter a glitch or malfunction, please let us know immediately and we will work with you to resolve any issues you have with the product, for free of course. ReadyGraph also has a strong cross-promotional platform that can help drive more traffic to your site in ways other than listed in this article. For More Information about ReadyGraph’s cross-promotional tools visit this article here…